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Open-Control for Ableton Live has reached its pledged goal in Kickstarter

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The developer Pierre-Antoine Grison has reached its pledged goal on Kickstarter to support the construction of Open-Control, a customizable control surface for Ableton Live.

Grison, also known as Krazy Baldhead, is an Ed Banger Records producer, an Ableton Certified Trainer, and has previously utilized Kickstarter to fund the manufacture of the State Of The Loop pedalboard for Ableton Looper.

open-control is available in three configurations – Pocket, Boxed, and Maker – allowing you to adapt both the hardware and functionality of the controller to match your needs.

According to Grison, open control was created with two key purposes in mind:

It should display information that other MIDI controllers do not, such as Scene names, Marker names, Variations, and so on. It should allow the user to readily pick what actions each button and knob should execute, without requiring any MIDI-mapping or scripting expertise.


  • Matrix LED display that shines brightly.
  • 6 inputs for buttons or switch pedals.
  • 6 RGB LEDs provide visual feedback, and 2 knobs or expression pedal inputs are provided.
  • Ports for MIDI In and Out.
  • USB standard.

Cost and Availability

The open-control project is being sponsored through a Kickstarter campaign, and it is offered to project backers at the following prices: 69€ for the pocket version, 129€ for the boxed version and 59€ for the Maker version.

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Live Enhancement Suite is a must have tool

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Live Enhancement Suite is a tool for improving workflows in Ableton Live by using built-in AutoHotkey. Instead of modifying Ableton Live, it automates user actions at near-invisible rates.

Each of these technologies is frequently used to create fast and rough shortcuts for personal usage, but Live Enhancement Suite’s objective is to create a tool that operates well for all users, keeping these shortcuts user-friendly to use.

Ableton Live is the number one DAW

Ableton Live is one of the most popular music production programs used by both beginners and professionals in the field of electronic music. Since its initial release, its developers have worked tirelessly to provide a different system to all other DAWs with a more conventional approach and that is specifically focused on electronics.

However, there are always things to improve in every product, particularly in the workflow, little aspects that developers miss. This is where Live Enhancement Suite comes in, a completely free modification for Ableton Live in its Windows and macOS versions that provides a number of minor changes that significantly speed up working with this DAW.

Live Enhancement Suite may build a menu to include your most often used devices, which can be accessed with a double right-click. Includes a timer that displays how long you’ve been working on a project, and by right-clicking on the piano roll’s left side, you may select a scale and key and have the piano roll display only the notes in that scale and key.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can get it for free, which includes not only the installation for Mac or Windows but also the source code, as it is open source and welcomes all types of contributions.

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Live Enhancement Suite