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Bandcamp Fridays are coming back on February

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The Bandcamp Fridays program will return on February 4 and will run until the end of May.

The initiative was introduced in March 2020 to give a fee-free option to support artists who have been affected by the pandemic.

Artists will receive 100 percent of the revenues if they waive their revenue share every Friday.

Bandcamp said, “Fans gave artists and companies more than $70 million over 17 days, helping to fund rentals, mortgages, food, prescriptions, and much more.”

“If you’re one of the approximately 800,000 admirers that participated, thank you. Live performance income will most likely take several months to fully recover. So we’ll keep doing Bandcamp Fridays in 2022, on the 4th of February, 4th of March, 1st of April, and 6th of May.” they said in their blog post.

“With such a big income source drying up almost entirely, finding solutions to continue supporting artists in the next months is now an important concern for everybody who loves about music and the artists who produce it,” its CEO, Ethan Diamond, stated in 2020.

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Nektar Agu has released a new Sample Pack on Bandcamp

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Nektar Agu is a DJ and producer who has made his musical imprint by assembling just the perfect parts of an electronic music jigsaw in his songs and performance. His sound is defined as techno with minimalist IDM tear sounds, discordant and harmonic pads, and the appropriate texture of a memorable dancefloor experience.

In 2013, the acclaimed Berlin label Sleep is Commercial issued his first EP, “Bad Habits.”

Recently, Nektar Agu has released his second sample pack on Bandcamp, featuring genres like RoMinimal, Micro-house, and Minimal Techno.

What is inside:

  • 2,40 GB of Loops and Samples.
  • 24 Bit integer resolution.
  • 109x Stripped Drum loops (Hats, Percussion, No Kick Loop, Full Drumloop).
  • 27x Pad & Texture Loops.
  • 27x Synth Loops.
  • 27x Bass Loops.
  • 27x Vocal FX Loops.
  • 27x Drum Top Loops.
  • 27x FX Loops.
  • 143x Oneshots (Kick, Snare, Hats, Claps, Percussions)

Hear the demo version here:

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Roland is celebrating 50 years of creating incredible electronic instruments

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With an interactive website, anniversary editions, and teases of upcoming items, Roland takes us through the history of musical creativity.

The 1970s

Roland Corporation was formed in 1972 in Osaka, Japan, and has since invented and constructed some of the world’s most recognizable electronic musical instruments. From early TR drum machines through Space Echoes, organs, and guitar amps, to the 1976 System-700 modular synthesizer and the 1979 VP-330 Vocoder.

The 1980s

The TR-808 drum machine, Jupiter-8 analog polysynth, and Juno-106 were all released in the 1980s. Roland created guitar synths, rhythm composers, and electronic drum kits, while the Boss pedal line grew and the decade closed with samplers, Linear Arithmetic Synthesis, and a Computer Music System.

The 1990s

Roland made a name for itself in the digital 1990s with the massive JD-800 synthesizer and the Sound Canvas and JV-1080 Super JV sound modules. Roland designed the groovebox and introduced the VS-880 as the first inexpensive digital multitrack recorder when organs, pianos, and guitar modeling systems were still evolving. Not to mention the JP-8000 and UA-100 USB audio interfaces, which can convert your PC into a studio.

The 2000s

With the debut of the Fantom workstation in the 2000s, things looked to take a different turn. However, there were many brilliant concepts, such as the RC-20 Loop Station, VariPhase and COSM technologies, and the massive MPC-style MV-8000 production studio. The SP-404 Phrase Sampler, as well as several video products, digital mixers, and the AX-Synth Keytar, were introduced.

The 2010s

More percussion and drum pad possibilities, stage organs, pianos, and the RC-505 Tabletop Loop Station were introduced in 2010. The Jupiter-80 pleased the synthesizer world until it was decided that the simplicity and power of analog modeling might exceed the demand for analog authenticity.

The 2020s

There’s a whole chronology on Roland’s website that walks you through the important releases of each decade. It’s chock-full of information, photographs, music, and performers showcasing Roland’s dizzying assortment of goods to the world of electronic music. Or perhaps you’d like to have a look at the Roland Museum? Here you have it:

Roland will send out tales from the previous 50 years throughout the year, including interviews with Roland engineers and the people behind the devices. There will also be some surprises and commemorative goods this year, including something spectacular to be presented on April 18th, the actual anniversary day.

Visit their website and take a detailed look of Roland milestones and creations:

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Intaresu’s upcoming gigs

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Come by and enjoy the night with fresh music mixed by Isaac Elejalde and Hypnoize at your favorite bar in Berlin.

Our upcoming gigs

22.01 > Hypnoize b2b Isaac Elejalde @ Mein Haus am See
28.01 > Isaac Elejalde @ An einem Sonntag im August
08.02 > Hypnoize b2b Isaac Elejalde @ Minimal Bar

Listen to our latest recorded sessions

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Enjoy four days and nights festival in paradise at Soundscapes Zanzi

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Soundscapes are on their way to a new island for an entirely new paradise experience. Leading us all to Zanzibar for four days of electronic music in a tropical setting. From February 16 to 19, guests would be engaged in unique island history, spectacular natural beauty, and a creative community. This will be the first time Soundscape has hosted a party on the east coast, so don’t miss out. Tropical environment, African culture, and world-renowned DJs are all on the menu.


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A post shared by Soundscapes (

Soundscapes was formed in 2013 to bring together a lively community of people who want to elevate their human spirit via art and music. Soundscapes’ roots are shaped by art co-creation, wellness, and music.

Their goal is to recreate the Soundscapes experience in Zanzibar, bringing four days and nights of euphoric organic house music and techno to paradise. Soundscapes Zanzi is a festival that mixes the greatest electronic music with exquisite natural beauty, captivating creative production, rich island culture, and a global family of fans. Add beaches and boats, villas, and hidden parties in a tropical environment – all wrapped in vibrant African culture for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Daylomar, Tamer, and Hameed, Noctuary natives, will kick off day one, each bringing their distinct spin to the decks. Creative forces who have performed on dance floors all around the world. Praslesh, a fan favorite, will also bring the Romanian minimum to the sandy African beaches on the opening night.

Behrouz would take us on a musical journey ranging from deep house to techno. SIT, comprised of Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia, is a party-throwing pair that continues to soar to new heights with each party they throw. More music will be released by Andrey Pushkarev, Baloo, Britta Arnold, Biirdperson, Gazi, Map.ache, Nezar, O Squared, Somalie, Usif, Zone +, and YokoO if these major names haven’t already convinced you. A diverse range of talent together on one island, eager to dance, party, and share some incredible music.

The first round of tickets has already sold out, but the second batch has yet to be issued, so keep a lookout.

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Buchla modules are now available in Eurorack format

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Tiptop Audio and Buchla USA announced a cooperative effort at Superbooth 2021 to make vintage Buchla 200 Series modules inexpensive Eurorack modules.

The Buchla 281t Quad Function Generator and Buchla 258t Dual Oscillator, the first two of these modules, are now available for pre-order.

Here’s Superbooth’s official entrance video:

Buchla 281t Tiptop Audio

The Model 281t Quad Function Generator is a Euro-format reproduction of the original 200 Series module. By replacing the banana jacks with 3.5mm TS jacks, the 281t recreates a classic envelope/LFO and implements complete Eurorack CV I/O.

Each function generator may operate separately as well as in pairs through Quadrature mode, which involves triggering and balancing two generator outputs with each function shifted 90 degrees out of phase to provide complex modulation sources suitable for quadrophonic movement.

Determine the pace at which the function rises and falls using the Attack and Decay parameters, each having voltage control across periods ranging from one millisecond to 10 seconds. Each function can be initiated by a human trig button or by their trig inputs, and each function generator has three modes of operation. Cyclic mode will continually cycle the function for LFO-like behavior, but Transient and Sustained modes will provide traditional Attack/Decay and Attack/Sustain/Release envelopes, respectively. Adding a gate to the cycle input activates cycling in any mode, enabling you to inject looping modulation.


  • The Buchla Quad Function Generator Model 281 has been faithfully revived in Eurorack format.
  • Formatted for Eurorack height in a larger module, with few functional changes.
  • Four identical function generators are used to generate envelopes and LFOs.
  • The entire machine transmits and receives Eurorack level signals using normal 3.5mm connectors.
  • Attack and decay periods with CV input range from 1ms to 10 sec (longer times available via external CV)
  • The function generator is activated by the trigger button and input.
  • The mode switch controls how the function generator reacts to triggers and gates (Cyclic, Transient, and Sustained)
  • Cycling is enabled and gated via the Cycle CV input.
  • The output of the per-channel function generator and the end-of-decay trigger
  • Quadrature mode enables the use of paired generators with functions that are 90 degrees apart.

Buchla 258t Tiptop Audio

The Dual Oscillator Model 258t is a Eurorack-format clone of the original dual VCO. The 258t is a virtually identical duplicate that has been shrunk to 3U, including rescaled voltage ranges and standard 3.5mm plugs.

The 258t is designed to interact with other Tiptop Buchla modules and Eurorack systems in general, and it has inputs for altering the pitch and waveshape of each oscillator. The waveshape control, which provides a sine-to-saw shape on oscillator one and a sine-to-square form on oscillator two, is the most noticeable variation between the two oscillators. Positive or negative pitch scaling, inversion, and even frequency expansion to the vast 5Hz–20kHz frequency range are all possible when the processing inputs are combined with an attenuverter.


  • Buchla Dual Oscillator 258 ‘authentic replica’ in Eurorack format
  • Minimal adjustments to a 200 Series module
  • Each oscillator has mirrored jacks and controls except one: the waveshape control.
  • The waveshape of OSC 1 changes from sine to saw, whereas the waveshape of OSC 2 changes from sine to square.
  • Tini-jax and bananas have been replaced with normal 3.5mm Eurorack jacks.
  • Waveshape controls include a modulation input.
  • Processing attenuverter for more pitch scaling, inversion, and expansion
  • The coarse and fine-tuning knobs sweep the oscillator frequencies from 5Hz to 20kHz using the original “cps” and “kc” descriptions.
  • Tracked pitch input of 1V/Oct

The Buchla 281t is available for pre-order at Perfect Circuit and other retailers for $210, while the 258t Dual Oscillator is available for pre-order at Perfect Circuit and other retailers for $199. For additional information, visit the Tiptop Audio website.


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Create Endless Acid Bangers on your browser

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Vitling (David Whiting), a Berlin-based producer and programmer, has launched Endless Acid Banger, a website that allows you to make endless acid bangers using your computer browser.

With two acid-style synthesizers and a four-part drum machine, the site is similar to the late Propellerhead ReBirth.

The music is created by an algorithm by default, but an ‘Autopilot’ option modifies the knobs, mutes, and unmutes drum portions, and alters the patterns on the fly. You may also manually change synthesis settings, mute/unmute portions, and activate new patterns by interacting with different parameters and buttons.

The source code is accessible on Github as an open-source code.

Visit Endless Acid Bangers on and try it for free.

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The entire lineup for Caprices Festival’s April 22nd edition has been announced

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The festival will take place over two weekends once again, and as usual, it will encompass the whole spectrum of electronic music.

The first weekend will be held on April 8th and 10th, while the second weekend will be held on April 15th and 17th. There will be something for everyone throughout the three dance zones of Modernity, Signal, and Forest, with significant additions on April 8th including Archie Hamilton, Cassy, Giorgio Maulini, and Guti on the Signal stage (live). Return will host the mayhem at the Forest stage with Digby, Eli Verveine, and Fumiya Tanaka, while Apoteoz and Canadians will take care of the weekend closing celebration at the Forest Stage on April 10th.

Whereas Weekend 1 is undoubtedly a must-see, there are even more highlights to be found on each of the festival’s days. On the opening day of the festival, April 15th, it doesn’t get much larger than a long B2B from Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos in the famed Modernity Glasshouse, with a prelude by Roman. In other news, Sven Vath and Dana Ruh will headline the Signal Stage this year. The Cocoon boss will also play an extended performance, so there’s a good chance his set will be jam-packed with bangers from throughout his sound spectrum. Yoyaku will host the Forest Stage, which will feature sets by team members Charlotte, Janaret b2b Varhat, and Lamache, bringing the day’s enchantment to a close.

The next day, the Modernity stage hosts RPR Soundystem, with Caprices resident James Mc Hale providing the all-important warmup. On April 16th, Alci, Madnax (Live), and SIT (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia) will close the Forest Stage, with an official closing party the following day including Dune, Jay Fase, and Norman Weber of Luna City Express.

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Mobineko Express can press limited edition vinyl in only 4 weeks

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Mobineko, a Taiwanese vinyl pressing company, has announced the debut of a new service dubbed Mobineko Express, which would provide limited edition pressings in four weeks. Even though most international pressing factories have a backlog of work owing to an overabundance of orders vs. available resources.

Mobineko will be pressing and delivering orders ranging from 25 to 100 records in a shorter period with this new express service.

“We’ve noticed some dissatisfied artists discussing pressing facilities refusing to take orders for 2022 delivery, so it’s hard for us to keep this news under wraps any longer,” Mobineko said.

“Mobineko has spent the last few years creating a fresh new press from the ground up to be incredibly efficient and speedy for pressing runs starting at 25pcs with a 4 week turn time,” they stated.

Mobineko’s founder, Richard Dron, told Resident Advisor: “On a regular record press, it can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to change tooling and prepare for a new order.”

“Then you have to wait for the press to warm up and run a few hundred recordings before you can achieve satisfactory results.

“Spending all of that time and PVC on a little order of 50 or 100 is a major concern, which is why most facilities won’t even consider pressing fewer.”

Mobineko Express will first be available to existing Mobineko customers, but if you think you might be interested, you can register here for early access, which will begin in a few months.

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How to build a DIY Eurorack stand

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Cereal Killer has a video that shows how to create a DIY stand for Eurorack all-in-one synthesizers.

The 4-tier stand is custom-made to fit the Behringer Neutron’s width. However, as seen in the video, the design may simply be modified to accommodate fewer or more synthesizers, as well as synths of varying widths, such as the Behringer D or Moog Eurorack synths.

Check out the tutorial