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Isaac Elejalde

Upcoming February gigs in Berlin

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Come by and enjoy the night with fresh music mixed by Isaac Elejalde and Hypnoize at your favorite bar in Berlin.

Our upcoming gigs

17.02 > Isaac Elejalde @ Mein Haus am See
25.02 > Isaac Elejalde b2b Hypnoize @ An einem Sonntag im August
27.02 > Isaac Elejalde @ Mein Haus am See

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EPIZODE announced its second edition in Albania

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EPIZODE, the international festival sensation, will be back on the idyllic beach of Shengjin from the 15th to the 19th of September 2022, following last year’s blockbuster premiere edition in Albania.

New worldwide editions will include four nights and five days of world-class music, amazing stage design, and the well-known, enthralling atmosphere.

The 24-hour broadcast will include worldwide electronic music superstars as well as the top regional artists. They will play on spectacular platforms created by renowned art collectives. The immersive experience will be enhanced by relaxed daytime activities set against the backdrop of otherworldly sunrises and sunsets.

EPIZODE will be held this year in Shengjin, in northwest Albania, which has breathtaking scenery, dense pine woods, and a warm emerald sea. Its breathtaking scenery, Mediterranean culture, unrivaled local friendliness, and mouthwatering local cuisine will make this a must-do vacation for the end of summer.

Multi Passes start at €99 for worldwide destinations, with a special price of €59 for Balkan countries. Tickets are available for purchase on the Epizode website.

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Intaresu’s Pick: Modebakú, Gabriele Mancino – VENTRILOC001

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Ventriloc has officially started their label with their debut release comprising of four songs made by Modebak and Gabriele Mancino, and a pledge to offer a distinct dancefloor-oriented sound to the minimal genre.

Listen to VENTRILOC001

Track A1: The EP begins with this glitchy music that transports the listener on a mesmerizing voyage. The album’s beginning simply marks and demonstrates the artists’ new rhythms.

Track A2: Modebak created this track specifically for the dancefloor; its groove will have everyone moving their bodies to this dark minimalistic tune while being distracted by the ear candy on it.

Track B1: Gabriele Mancino created a minimal techno bomb that fits nicely in any tiny club environment, blowing the crowd’s heads with its bassline while the voice on it transports you to a meditative mood. That charm is in its simplicity, and we have high hopes for it to destroy dancefloors during peak hours.

Track B2: For the final track, Gabriele transports us into the night with a groovy piece with a vocoder on a vocal. That gradually forms a tale that may be understood as the conclusion or beginning of this album.

VENTRILOC001 with Modebakú & Gabriele Mancino is now available at,, and

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DIY Modular Synth Projects for Teenage Engineering

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Teenage Engineering has released a collection of DIY modular synth projects based on their POM-1 barebones module components.

The three DIY projects make use of POM modules in various ways, including a tiny modular, a LEGO LFO, and a Jamaican-style dub siren.

Among the projects are:

  • Square Box — This project combines all of the modules from the POM-400 kit with Oddvolt panels to form a full Eurorack system.
  • Dub Siren is a siren effect box that includes an LFO, a square module, and a power supply.
  • Mechanical LFO — In this project, a LEGO robot is created to function as a mechanical LFO. Here’s an example of the LEGO project in action:

Individual POM-1 barebones modules are now available, with the majority of modules costing under $30 USD. Details may be found on the TE website.

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ISE-NIN ready to be released

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According to a pair of photographs given by Roman Filippov of Black Corporation, the ISE-NIN is almost ready to go and looks great.


Last May, we first saw this Jupiter8-inspired synthesizer. Preorders have begun since then, and you may get on the list for a deposit of $1,199, with the remaining $3749 due before delivery. Black Corporation had anticipated releasing in December 2021, due to the usual issues, that date has been pushed back to March 2022. The receipt of these photographs, which show finished panels and a final test of the DIY version, is a strong indicator that things are on track.

The ISE-NIN is influenced by Roland’s famous Jupiter-8 polysynth. It has eight voices, each of which is made up entirely of analog voltage-controlled oscillators. The voice cards may be seen protruding from the rear of the DIY version. Using surface mount technology, the readymade desktop version will be much more compact.

An analog lowpass and highpass filter, noise generator, two ADSR envelopes, a VCA, and an arpeggiator are among the other features. For combining sounds, you may build up to two 4-voice layers, each with its velocity, aftertouch, and MPE parameters.

The ISE-NIN is available for presale on the website, where you can also reserve the $999 PCB kit for a $299 deposit. You’ll have to obtain the parts yourself, but if the Deckards Dream is any indication, kits will be accessible from third-party vendors.

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Win A Vintage MiniMoog Model D with Herb Deutsch’s signature

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In the 1960s, Deutsch worked with Bob Moog on the creation of the early Moog modular systems and is credited with co-inventing the Moog modular.

The raffle began on February 9th, in honor of Deutsch’s 90th birthday, and will run until March 7th, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. ET, or until all 4,500 tickets have been sold. The raffle proceeds benefit the Foundation’s purpose, which includes initiatives such as Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool and the Moogseum.

Serial number 11,535, created at Moog Music’s Cheektowaga, NY plant in the late 1970s, is the Minimoog featured in the lottery. It is believed to be worth $10,000. Due to the desirable nature of this prototypical synthesizer and Herb Deutsch’s famous signature, it is expected to appreciate.

Wes Taggart of Analogic, a synthesizer specialist, expertly restored this Minimoog, as well as created its new handmade walnut cabinet enclosure. It’s in fantastic technical and physical shape.

Tickets for the raffle are now available for $20 apiece, six for $100, fourteen for $200, and forty for $500.

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The Bandcamp app now has a queue function

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Users of the Bandcamp app may now listen to their collection as a continuous listening experience.

The online music company’s latest app feature, announced today through Instagram, allows users to listen to many songs from their library in a row by adding them to a queue. “Go to your collection and tap-and-hold on the things you wish to add to your queue,” according to the article. “Shuffle it if you want something hot, loop it if you want the music to go on forever.”

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Afriqua collaborates with Ableton to commemorate Black History Month

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To commemorate Black History Month the R&S musician will provide a lively and well-informed look into the origins of ‘Black Music,’ and how practically every current genre can trace its roots back to Africa. Afriqua will be presenting a series of essays and videos in the coming weeks examining the four principles of black music — Call and Response, The Blue Note, Polyrhythms, and Improvisation.

The American-born, Berlin-based musician is well-positioned to deliver this voyage through history, as his traditional origins blend seamlessly with the distinctly tilted electronic music. Appearing on labels like Soul Clap Records, Raresh’s Metereze imprint, and All Inn, he draws on a wide spectrum of inspirations to create his unique sonic palette.

“As a Black guy in a European city who had never seen the phrase written before, I must admit I was taken aback, even a little – dare I say – triggered when I saw “Black Music” on that banner.” Say Afriqua in the first part of the video.

“After all, funk, soul, and disco are distinct genres with distinct histories, admirers, and heroes. Sure, we all know where they come from and who they are. But using the word “Black,” which is a political term by definition in my own country, to describe such a broad range of music struck me as out of touch and reductive.

The roots depth insights start with an honest look at Afriqua coming to Berlin and learning a new meaning for the label Black, as well as his relationship with his background. Much has been made about the appropriation of black heritage, as he argues, but Black History Month is a time for celebration, not restrained finger-pointing.

Although the commercial had an impact, I must admit that despite inspiring hours of reading, pondering, an album, and now a series of articles, I didn’t attend the party. Still, as my mind became more open to the “Black Music” concept, I began to suspect that the event’s programming was insufficient. After all, on top of funk, soul, and disco, they might have pulled at the emotions with some jazz and blues, invigorated the crowd with a hint of gospel, rock, and perhaps a dash of reggae for good measure.

As much as Black Music has progressed from its primitive African beginnings, many musical approaches have remained constant. This is where our investigation into the Principles of Black Music begins. With your attention attracted to musical elements that appear prominently across the Black musical tree.

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Closer opens a new DJ school in Lviv, Ukraine

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Closer Connections is a studio and DJ school in Kyiv and Lviv sponsored by Closer. During its first year, it graduated more than 100 students. AnnyRock, Bambu, Gael, Pavel Plastikk, Ponura, Roma Khropko, Roman K, SE62, Vera Logdanidi, and VH10 are among the professors in Kyiv.

The Kyiv section of the school offers three primary courses: digital DJing, vinyl DJing, and producing (in Ableton and hardware). More than 50 grads’ mixes, produced by students in a variety of styles, may be found on the school’s Soundcloud page. Depending on their grades, some students are permitted to pursue level-up courses after graduating.

There’s also a Bandcamp compilation of tracks generated by students who graduated from the producing course.

Closer Connections began their party series in HVLV in Kyiv in January 2022, which, as promised, will become a regular series of events. In addition, several of the graduates have joined the newly formed booking agency and are performing in Kyiv venues including Gram, Golda, and Vognyk.

As a result, Closer Connections chose to expand into the second city in February 2022. AC130, Aliana, Lstn, Mike Trofimov, and Ocean T will be among the teachers in Lviv. Closer Connections Lviv will be handled by the Night Ambassadors team and will be located in the basement of the People Place pub. The location is most often known as -1 PP. The inaugural session has been declared to be extremely limited (10 students only), with classes beginning at 6.02 p.m. (the first course is full already). On 4.02, there will be an opening celebration with the entire Lviv roster of professors and Roman K, who will represent the Kyiv crew.

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The Houghton Festival reveals the full lineup for its 2022 edition

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The four-day festival, which will take place in Houghton Hall from Thursday, August 11th to Sunday, August 14th, will be held as usual, and the lineup of artists, if you can call it that, is ridiculous. To say Craig Richards and his staff have been collaborating behind the scenes to make up for their last event would be an understatement of the century. We’re confident that the festival’s production will undergo significant changes, but the musicians alone are worth missing three years in a row.

We won’t name all of the performers who will be attending but expect to hear from Ricardo Villalobos, Voigtmann, Fumiya Tanaka, Raresh, Rhadoo, DJ Masda, Craig Richards, and a slew of others. With absolutely something for everyone, you just need to look at the artwork to get a sense of how massive this event is and how much it has been missed.


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